ORBERA Bariatric Weight Loss

miami institute orbera weight loss main imageAt The MIAMI Institute, we are proud to offer an effective and reliable approach to weight loss, with the bariatric procedure, ORBERA, a 2 part weight loss program. The ORBERA program is meant to help patients develop long term health habits in order to lose weight and keep the weight off.

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Bariatric Weight Loss Procedure with ORBERA

The ORBERA bariatric non surgical procedure is designed over the course of one year, for most patients. The first six months utilize a gastric balloon inside the stomach. This placement encourages portion control during eating, allowing the patient to feel fullness while consuming less food. During this first phase, the patients participate in customized coaching with the weight loss physician, in order to learn health habits, change behavioral choices, and improve the patient’s relationship with food and eating. After six months, the gastric balloon is removed and the patient continues to participate in customized coaching. The second phase ensures that the patient is making appropriate food choices, portions, and ensures that the patient is able to maintain the weight loss long term.


Ideal Candidate for this ORBERA Bariatric Procedure

  1. Is looking for a non-surgical approach to effective weight loss
  2. Wants to take control of his/her health and adapt meaningful and long lasting lifestyle changes
  3. Wants to improve his/her relationship with food
  4. Desires coaching to improve his/her fitness and activity level
  5. Has not had success managing weight with diet and exercise alone

Bariatric Weight Loss Balloons

orbera bariatric balloon
The ORBERA gastric balloons have been utilizes for over 20 years in the medical community, worldwide. The ORBERA weight loss balloon is a soft but durable structure that has been designed to comfortably fit within the stomach. It has been developed by a team of physicians to be utilized as an effective, simple and temporary non-surgical approach to weight loss. The shape of the balloon and the volume it takes up is designed to take up the space inside the stomach. This encourages portion control for patients, resulting in effective weight loss.

The ORBERA Bariatric Procedure

The placement of the ORBERA gastric balloon is done in a simple and non-surgical procedure. The patient is given a mild sedative to ensure comfort during placement. The physician inserts the deflated balloon through the patient’s mouth and into the stomach. Once positioned, the balloon is filled with a saline solution until it is approximately the size of a grapefruit. Saline is a salt water solution that is safe and natural to the body. This grapefruit sized balloon will remain within the stomach for six months. The entire procedure only takes 20-30 minutes to complete.

Video Introduction to ORBERA Bariatric Procedure

ORBERA Diagram


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Procedure Phase 1

The ORBERA gastric balloon remains in place for six months. During the initial six months, the most drastic weight loss is seen. With the gastric balloon in place, the physician provides patients with customized diet and exercise coaching in order to develop healthy habits that will last long term.

Procedure Phase 2

After six months, the gastric balloon is removed. The removal is similar to the placement, in that the patient is mildly sedated and it is a quick and non-surgical procedure. The gastric balloon is deflated and then the balloon is removed through the mouth. The second six months offer an opportunity to further progress the weight loss through continued coaching. This allows the patient to truly experience healthy nutrition and weight control, without relying on the gastric balloon for feeling fullness. When the yearlong program is completed, the patient has well established healthy behavioral choices to continue healthy weight management.

Benefits to the ORBERA method

In comparison to weight loss surgery, the ORBERA method offers a non-surgical approach to effective weight loss. There are no incisions, stitches, scars or healing involved in this technique. The placement only takes 20-30 minutes and the balloon is only a temporary aid to weight loss, as opposed to surgical changes.

In comparison to diet and exercise alone, clinical studies have shown that the average person loses 3x more weight with the ORBERA method. This is because the gastric balloon takes up room in the stomach, encouraging portion control, and allowing the patient to feel full and satisfied. In addition, when overweight, it can be very difficult to participate in exercise. With faster weight loss, exercise and physical activity can be more comfortable.

What to expect from Bariatric Procedure with ORBERA

The ORBERA method can help to break through weight loss barriers, providing physical and emotional assistance throughout the entire weight loss journey. This method focuses on long term results, in order to better keep the weight off long term.

The first step begins with an individualized consultation in which potential patients will meet with our bariatric physician in order to discuss weight loss goals, health history, and nutritional and behavioral history. In this consultation, a customized comprehensive program is developed to include coaching, education and fitness. Once the patient has decided to have the gastric balloon placed, the procedure is scheduled and completed.

In the first few days after placement of the gastric balloon, patients may experience nausea or vomiting. This may last 1-2 weeks in some patients, but prescription medication can be utilized to manage the symptoms while adjusting to the balloon. With the balloon in place, the majority of the weight is lost in the first few months. Learning new eating habits and adjusting to the new healthy lifestyle greatly influence results, especially long term. The professional health and wellness coaching helps patients adapt to healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes in order to stick to their goals.

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The MIAMI Difference with ORBERA

The MIAMI Institute is proud to offer a team of multidisciplinary healthcare providers that share a common goal of improving patient health, wellness and vitality. With a focus on wellness, the ORBERA weight loss program offers an effective, clinically validated approach to short and long term weight loss and weight management.

The customized coaching and education provided to our patients facilitates behavioral changes and long term lifestyle changes. Dr. Bello has the experience and expertise to oversee effective weight loss goals, from consultation, to gastric balloon placement, and continued individualized coaching. If you are interested to see how a weight loss procedure can jump start your weight loss and health goals, please set up a consultation with Dr. Bello today!

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