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Transformation Vacation

A restful, private getaway where the focus is on you and your transformation into the most beautiful, more youthful you is right here in Miami, the city synonymous with all things vibrant and beautiful. All the pieces are in place for a vacation that renews and rejuvenates you inside and out. With the best in medical aesthetics and anti-aging medicine all under one roof in the five star Four Seasons Hotel and Tower in downtown Miami, your every wish is met and your dreams fulfilled all in complete comfort and privacy. A transformation vacation is a journey of discovery and immersion in a world that reveals your best self with a renewed commitment to health and well-being and the rejuvenated appearance to back it up.

The MIAMI Institute is uniquely situated in a five-star resort hotel offering elite accommodations and amenities, 25 minutes from an international airport, and has the expert medical team to offer multiple procedures on the same day and the post-operative care to ensure a healthy recovery. Here’s a potential four-week transformation plan:

Week 1:
— arrive at Four Seasons Hotel and Tower
— enjoy a day getting settled and relaxing, taking advantage of the fine amenities
— spend a day having aesthetic consultations for face, body, breast, smile, wellness, hair restoration and get your individualized treatment plans from each provider
— spend half a day doing requisite blood work, pre-operative clearances – confirm treatments and schedule for following week
— make any arrangements for personal nursing care, domestic help, meal preparation, etc with our MIAMI VIP Concierge Service
— have a HydraFacial and nutritional IV in preparation for your upcoming procedures
— enjoy the rest of the week exploring Miami, beaches, nightlife, museums – all the things that make greater Miami the international destination that it is

— have your procedures
— restfully recover in your suite upstairs
— attend your post-op appointments at the Institute or arrange for the doctors to visit you in your suite
— get a nutritional IV to infuse your body with essential nutrients to support your healing process

— continue with your post-op doctor appointments
— get another nutritional IV to support the healing process

— confirm travel arrangements for your return trip home
— enjoy another nutritional IV infusion
— be sure you have medical skin care products to continue your skincare regimen once you are home
— confidently return home with your renewed and refreshed appearance and enjoy the continuing refinements to your look and body contours for the next few weeks
— send us a few pictures so we can share in your transformation success form afar!

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