Teeth Whitening

Radiate a brighter smile than ever before with professional teeth whitening by the doctor at The MIAMI Institute. Teeth whitening can reveal more than just a whiter smile. It can boost your self-confidence and brighten your personality. Whitening your smile erases the signs of a former smoking habits, coffee and tea stains, or buildup from red wine.

It can help you look as young as you feel and break down barriers that interfere with your social life. When combined with other types of cosmetic treatments, teeth whitening is a simple and dramatic way to give you the best smile possible.

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Teeth whitening is a very individualized process that requires careful planning and forethought. Not every type of whitening method is right for each person. Some types of treatments may meet your needs better than others. Visiting with the doctor is the first step to finding out what is right for you.

Teeth Whitening Before and After


Get a Confidence Boost with Brighter Teeth

Teeth whitening is just a small way you can start to boost your confidence in your smile. By lightening the color of your teeth, you will likely draw more attention and compliments – giving you a brand new reason to laugh or smile in public. It could even help you feel more confident and outgoing at work. Investing in your smile is an investment in your future. Don’t underestimate the power of vibrant and beautiful teeth!

You might like to think of teeth whitening as a conservative smile makeover. Without making any dramatic transformations to your teeth, whitening has one of the biggest impacts of any cosmetic dental procedure. That is why it is often such a beneficial complement to other types of services that we offer at The MIAMI Institute. Our team of aesthetic experts can help you get the exact look that you have been searching for. With the doctor’s extensive training and experience he has helped to provide some of the best cosmetic dentistry in Miami.

From the moment you arrive for your initial consultation, through the private doors to the medical suite, you’ll notice our unique atmosphere of client-focused care. Our private entrance at the Four Seasons Hotel has it’s own elevator and is free of waiting rooms! You’ll step right into your private consultation suite to meet with the doctor.

Pola Teeth Whitening Technique

teeth whitening kitThe MIAMI Institute is proud to offer the POLA OFFICE teeth whitening system. This teeth whitening system boasts beautiful results with a quick and easy treatment protocol that can be completed in only one week duration. The POLA OFFICE teeth whitening system is only available through licensed dental practitioners. It is proven to safely and effectively whiten tooth enamel discolorations.

POLA OFFICE uses a formulation of 35% hydrogen peroxide to give quick and effective results, without wasting any time. In order to ensure patient comfort, POLA OFFICE contains potassium nitrate, which is a built in desensitizer. This compound works on the nerve endings to block sensitive nerve transmission. This pain blocking mechanism allows for a thoroughly comfortable treatment.

  1. The POLA treatment requires a total of 2 visits to The MIAMI Institute office.
  2. On the first visit, the patient is fit for bleaching trays in the office. Then, the patient is given instruction for using the POLA DAY product at home.
  3. Over the first three days, the patient fills the bleaching trays with POLA DAY gel and whitens their teeth in the comfort of their home.
  4. On the fourth day, the patient comes into the office for a POLA OFFICE session.

This professional whitening session lasts approximately 30 minutes. During this treatment the dental practitioner applies the stronger POLA OFFICE formulation to the teeth. This session yields the greatest whitening results. To complete the treatment protocol, the patient will continue to use POLADAY at home through day 7.

After this week of treatment, patients notice beautifully white teeth, with several shades improvement. Benefits of this system are the quick, noticeable results that are achieved with an easy and comfortable treatment process.

How Teeth Whitening Works

To whiten your teeth, we apply a prescription grade of concentrated gel to your teeth, and then use a bright light to accelerate the stain release process. A substance called carbamide peroxide is used in the gel. As it breaks down, oxygen is released which helps to lift stain embedded deep within the pores of your teeth. Not only are superficial stains removed, but natural enamel can be lightened by several shades as well.

We will have you wear eye protection during this portion of the procedure, to prevent the light from irritating your eyes. A coating agent will also be applied to your gums to prevent irritation during the whitening procedure. For the duration of your appointment, all you need to do is relax in your chair and enjoy the calming, spa-like experience.

Is Whitening Really For You

Whitening can benefit nearly anyone, but it is essential to understand the anticipated effect whitening may have on your smile. Existing restorations, tooth sensitivity, oral disease, and tooth fractures are just a few of the factors to be taken under consideration before whitening your teeth. The best way to determine whether you are a candidate is to schedule a consult at The MIAMI Institute.

During your visit, the doctor will discuss your concerns and goals for your smile. This may include any changes you might like to make to the size, shape, or color of your teeth. The doctor will work with you to determine the best method and degree of whitening which suit your unique needs. He may also recommend whitening before other types of treatments, like white fillings or porcelain crowns. That way your new restoration will match your new smile!

As always, every patient of The MIAMI Institute is ensured a private consultation where you can feel free to ask any questions of the doctor concerning your oral care concerns.

The Benefits You Can Expect From Teeth Whitening

The results of teeth whitening vary from person to person. Especially depending on the type of whitening procedure that you decide to have done. After recording your smile color on a shade guide, the doctor can provide you with an estimate as to what type of results to expect from your whitening treatment.

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You’ll find that after your teeth whitening treatment, you will experience:

Teeth whitening, even to a small degree, brings along a whole host of benefits:

  • Improved motivation to brush, floss, and care for your teeth
  • A boost in your self confidence
  • Reduction in stain accumulation from drinks such as coffee, tea, and red wine
  • An increase in positive first impressions among new acquaintances
  • Improved interpersonal interactions
  • A more youthful-looking smile
  • Motivation to cut back on or cut out tobacco use

Clearly, the doctor and the rest of The MIAMI Institute want you to feel great about yourself as well as look beautiful. It is also vital that you have as thorough an understanding as possible about any procedure you are considering. Teeth whitening is no exception.

Your Teeth Whitening Experience at The MIAMI Institute

Not everyone is a candidate for teeth whitening, which is why you will need to meet with the doctor first to find out if any additional steps are necessary before beginning the whitening process. Once you have decided on your care plan at The MIAMI Institute, we will arrange a time for you to return to start the process at a time that is convenient for your busy schedule.

Click here to book a teeth whitening consultation or call (305) 624-0009.

Once your relaxing teeth whitening session is complete, you will receive customized care instructions for maintaining and touching up your newly brightened smile to keep it white for years. That’s it!

Being AAAHC Accredited, The MIAMI Institute offers you only the best in cosmetic dental care. Our team goes above and beyond by maintaining a high level of privacy for each and every patient. Call us to experience our unique services for yourself!

Get started today by scheduling your private consultation with the doctor at The MIAMI Institute.

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