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Preventive dental care is the essential to preserving a healthy smile. One of the ways we help patients at The MIAMI Institute enjoy healthier smiles is by providing gentle, professional dental teeth cleanings.

Most of our patients benefit from having their teeth cleaned every 6 months, or more often if necessary. These visits allow us to remove calcified bacteria (tartar) and plaque biofilm from areas that are difficult to keep clean with simple brushing or flossing.

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As we clean each of your teeth, we are also screening for conditions that may be weakening your enamel or making teeth susceptible to problems later on. This helps the doctor to provide you with more proactive, preventive options before complications arise. You can then avoid certain types of conditions or unnecessary dental treatment by taking proactive measures early.

What Happens During a Dental Cleaning (Prophylaxis)

Having your teeth cleaned isn’t just about polishing away superficial stain – although that is one part of it. Rather, it focuses on creating a completely clean surface along each tooth, as well as under the gumlines.

The doctor or one of the Registered Dental Hygienists will use a set of sterile instruments to gently lift and remove calcified tartar deposits. These areas of buildup are formed from microscopic amounts of plaque that have been left behind after brushing or flossing. As they calcify day after day, it leaves behind a residue that is tightly bonded to your tooth enamel. Brushing and flossing cannot remove it.

Bacterial plaque and tartar will harbor bacteria that can create gum infections, such as gingivitis. You may experience symptoms such as:

  • Swelling
  • Gums that bleed
  • Tenderness

Eliminating the bacteria is the first step in helping to reverse your oral infection. Without a healthy environment that is kept clean, your body will be unable to do all of the work on its own. Thoroughly cleaning the surfaces of each tooth allows your body to fight inflammation of the gums, as well as encourage gum reattachment in areas where periodontal disease may have started to develop.

A thin ultrasonic scaler gently lifts larger deposits of tartar and stain. As it sends thousands of microscopic vibrations through the smooth tip, water irrigates away the debris as it is removed from the teeth. This makes the cleaning appointment more efficient as well as comfortable.

Teeth whitening is another option available after your dental cleaning. The teeth whitening process reveals a whiter smile that erases the signs teeth stains and tartar buildup. When combined with regular teeth cleanings, teeth whitening is a simple way to get the best smile possible. Learn more about teeth whitening.

If You Need Something More During Teeth Cleaning

Sometimes a lapse in care or inadequate oral hygiene can allow conditions such as periodontal disease to develop. When severe infection or tartar buildup is present, a preventive cleaning isn’t adequate.

Instead, the doctor will recommend a series of deep cleanings. Deep cleanings are more intensive and allow us to restore your smile back to the level of health that is necessary for preserving your teeth.

You may be experiencing periodontal disease if you have symptoms such as:

  • Bad breath
  • Gum recession
  • Gum detachment (“pocketing”)
  • Bone loss
  • Tooth mobility
  • Tooth loss
  • Food collecting between teeth

Once we have been able to help you eliminate* oral disease from your smile, we can place you on a preventive care program that continues to keep your teeth clean and healthy. That way the doctor can help you preserve your natural teeth as long as possible. Should any teeth need to be removed due to accelerated periodontal disease, The MIAMI Institute offers a wide array of permanent tooth replacement options to choose from – such as dental implants and bridges.

What Else to Expect during Teeth Cleaning

At The MIAMI Institute, we usually schedule your preventive cleaning alongside of an exam. That means the doctor will screen for new conditions or assess those we have been monitoring after your teeth have been thoroughly cleaned.

In some cases we will also need to take a series of digital radiographs. High resolution x-rays allow us to identify areas of tartar buildup under the gumlines, between the teeth. Consequently, they also allow the doctor to assess the bone support and possible development of tooth decay during your exam.

The doctor or our hygienist will also measure the level of gum attachment throughout your mouth during the course of your cleaning. We will thoroughly review each and every finding with you, so that you can make an educated choice on the care of your smile.

Let The MIAMI Institute Help You Enjoy a Positive Dental Experience

If you have disliked having your teeth cleaned in the past, please let us know. We use gentle, skilled hands that help put your mind at ease, regardless of how simple or complex your cleaning is.

At The MIAMI Institute, we provide comfort options such as sedation to assist you in remaining s relaxed as possible – even if all you need is a cleaning. The doctor and our team of board certified MD anesthesiologists will ensure your safety and comfort throughout the entire procedure.

Regardless of whether it has been 6 months since your last cleaning, or 6 years – The MIAMI Institute is happy to help you take control of your oral health and retain a beautiful smile. We are also able to provide you with a variety of cosmetic and aesthetic treatments to enhance the way your teeth look. The doctor is Miami’s only board certified prosthodontist – an expert in smile enhancement and rehabilitation.

Schedule Your Next Cleaning With Us Today

If you aren’t sure where to begin – a professional dental cleaning and exam at The MIAMI Institute is a great place to start! Our facility within The Four Seasons Hotel has its own private entrance and a team of coordinators to personally guide you through your appointments with us. The doctor will meet with you in one of our private consultation suites to answer any questions that you may have about the process.

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The MIAMI Institute has the highest standard of care for patients in the Miami area, leaving us second to none. Our facility is AAAHC Accredited, so that you can rest assured you are receiving the safest dental and medical care possible – regardless of what services are needed. Please call us today to schedule your next cleaning and exam with our aesthetic dental expert.

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