Full Mouth Reconstruction in Miami

Does your entire smile need to be rebuilt or enhanced? Then our full mouth reconstruction services are exactly what you’ve been looking for. Smile reconstruction brings health, function, and aesthetics together to recreate the natural, beautiful smile that you desire.

At The MIAMI Institute, we design your new smile one tooth at a time. What is Involved in Full Mouth Reconstruction?

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Treatment Plan for Full Mouth

It all starts with a consultation with the doctor at our private facility within The Four Seasons Hotel Tower. During your visit, the doctor will listen to your concerns and goals – and then thoroughly examine your smile to suggest the appropriate plan that fits your individual smile.

Your treatment plan will involve repairing or replacing teeth throughout your entire mouth. Your smile will look and feel exactly the way you always hoped that it would. Each and every tooth will be addressed individually, to create a healthy and esthetic smile that is functioning correctly.

As Part of your consultation we will gather your opinions and goals for your new smile. That way we can design your teeth to resemble the aesthetic appearance you desire – as well as restoring their health.

Procedures Involved in a Full Mouth Reconstruction Case

Depending on the structural integrity and aesthetics of each tooth, the doctor will likely use a combination of treatments like:

1. Porcelain Crowns

A full-coverage porcelain crown will restore both beauty as well as functionality to your specific tooth. Each of our crowns is made of durable, beautiful porcelain materials to mimic the appearance of natural tooth enamel. Porcelain can be customized to the shade and hue of the doctor’s exact specifications, so that it resembles the same color as the teeth adjacent to it.  Learn more about dental crowns.

Your new crown will:

  • Return natural function to your bite
  • Appear as if it were a real tooth
  • Be durable enough for everyday use
  • Correct aesthetic irregularities such as tooth shape or color

Crowns are usually appropriate when teeth have experienced severe wear, decay, or have large, old fillings that need to be removed. We also use them for restoring dental implants, in situations where missing teeth are involved.

2. Dental Veneers

If your tooth is healthy and does not require a crown, then a porcelain veneer may be the most appropriate approach to enhancing it’s appearance. Each veneer is made of a thin layer of porcelain that the doctor applies to the portion of your tooth that is visible when you smile. Like crowns, veneers are also customized to reflect the natural appearance of straight, beautiful teeth. Learn more about Dental Veneers.

Our veneers help your smile by changing the following aspects of your teeth:

  • Alignment
  • Color
  • Shape

Placing several veneers side-by-side is one of the most dramatic ways to transform your entire smile at once. They can easily be combined alongside of teeth that are restored with porcelain crowns, as the materials are nearly identical.

3. Implant Restorations

Replacing missing teeth is an integral part of any smile makeover or full mouth reconstruction. Dental implants are the choice procedure for replacing missing teeth – whether it is one, or a full arch.

Implants provide our patients with:

  • Permanent new teeth
  • The ability to replace as many teeth as necessary
  • Unsurpassed durability

The beauty and uniqueness of dental implants mean that patients of The MIAMI Institute are able to enjoy new, healthy teeth that can last for a lifetime. The doctor works closely with an implant surgeon who places the artificial tooth roots prior to the doctor delivering the final restorations. Depending on the number of teeth that need to be replaced, we will use restorations such as porcelain crowns, bridges, or an All on 4 implant procedure to provide you with strong, beautiful teeth.  Learn more about dental implants and All on 4 implants.

Click here to book a Full Mouth Reconstruction consultation or call (305) 624-0009.

Private, Personalized Care at The MIAMI Institute

Above all, your experience at The MIAMI Institute is one where we value your privacy and confidence. That’s why we take more time to provide one-on-one communication with our patients from start to finish.

One of the first things that you will notice, is that we do not have any waiting rooms. As you will be escorted to a private consultation suite. The doctor will meet with you personally to discuss the vision for your new smile, and to answer any questions that you may have.

Call us today to schedule your private consultation and feel confident and healthy with the brand new smile that you deserve.

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