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At The MIAMI Institute, we utilize only tooth-colored, mercury-free dental fillings during our restorative dental services. These composite fillings are made of white materials that are custom matched to your natural tooth enamel.

Using white fillings allows the doctor to both enhance your smile’s appearance while also preserving your oral health. We can combine our fillings with other services, such as bonding, veneers, or even porcelain crowns for a comprehensive rehabilitative approach. Side by side, your restored teeth will create a stronger, more beautiful smile that looks as healthy as possible.

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Benefits of Composite Fillings

Composite fillings may seem superior to traditional silver fillings in that they are free of metal – but that is just one reason. At The MIAMI Institute, we choose to use composite materials because it provides each of our patients with:

1. Minimally Invasive Restorations

Traditional metal fillings require a wedge-shape to be cut into the tooth, in order to hold the restoration into place. In contrast, composite materials bond directly with your tooth enamel. This enables the doctor to remove only the decayed portion of the tooth, leaving the remaining healthy structures intact.

2. Stronger Tooth Enamel

The molecular compound of white fillings causes them to release small amounts of fluoride over the course of a few years after they have been placed. This strengthens the weakened tooth structure around it, making your smile more resistant to recurrent cavities.

3. Flexibility in Unconventional Areas

In the past, fillings had to be placed into deeper areas, surrounded by durable tooth enamel. As we have learned, the bonding properties of composite fillings eliminate* the need for excessive tooth preparation. As a consequence, the fillings can be placed in non-traditional areas – such as smooth surfaces on the front teeth. Their aesthetic features also allow The MIAMI Institute patients to restore the teeth toward the front of their mouth with a small filling; rather than having to rely on a porcelain crown in lieu of a metal filling.

4. Removal of Amalgam Fillings

Many of our patients come to the doctor because of the unsightly appearance caused by their older metal fillings. Over time, amalgam fillings can begin to leak, creating a dark grey or bluish tint in the tooth enamel. It may even cause permanent discoloration of the gum tissues, otherwise known as an “amalgam tattoo.”

Removing the amalgam fillings can enhance the appearance of your smile, while also eliminating any form of mercury that still remains inside of your mouth. Once the silver restoration is taken out of the tooth, the doctor will place a composite filling in its place. Any stained enamel will also be ‘prepped’, so that there is no remaining discoloration surrounding your new filling.

How To Tell if You Have a Cavity

Some of the first symptoms that you may experience if you need a filling can include:

  1. Feeling a sharp or rough edge on your tooth
  2. Tenderness when biting or chewing
  3. Sudden pain or sensitivity caused by certain types of foods or drinks
  4. Having food pack between your teeth during meals
  5. Bad taste or odor coming from a particular area in your mouth
  6. Something feeling “not quite right”

Unfortunately, tooth decay does not always exhibit symptoms. In some cases it may be completely undetectable on your own. That’s why the doctor recommends a routine check-up at least every 6 months for most patients.

To screen for tooth decay, the doctor will perform a comprehensive examination to pinpoint weak areas of tooth enamel as early as possible. Unfortunately, not all cavities are visible to the naked eye. For situations such as these, we will take a series of digital x-rays to assess the surfaces between the teeth and just under the enamel.

Early diagnosis of cavities allows the doctor to recommend minimally invasive techniques or fluoride treatments to prevent the spread of the decay. Our white fillings require little tooth preparation, maximizing the integrity of your remaining tooth structure. Most of our patients benefit from having dental x-rays taken at their initial visit, as well as every 6 to 12 months afterward.

Treating Decay Early

The most important step in treating tooth decay is early intervention. Otherwise, cavities have the potential to spread very quickly, resulting in other teeth requiring fillings or the initial tooth ultimately in need of a root canal.

When properly cared for, in most cases our fillings can last for several years, up to 10 years or more, before having to be replaced. Replacing an amalgam (silver) filling with another silver filling would result in additional tooth preparation, and eventually a crown. Due to the unique bonding properties of composite, The MIAMI Institute patients are typically able to continue having smaller fillings placed as needed.

Comprehensive Approach to Dental Care

the doctor will tailor your treatments to your specific smile needs. Whether it is a small cavity or a larger one – each filling is custom blended and matched to resemble the tooth enamel surrounding it. The results – a beautiful tooth that looks as if nothing was ever wrong. We can even match your fillings with other types of restorations for comprehensive results that reflect maximum aesthetics.

Why consult with a Prosthodontist

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The MIAMI Institute Dental Difference

At The MIAMI Institute, we understand the importance of treating small oral health problems before they can evolve into larger, more complicated issues. If you suspect that you may have a cavity, please call to arrange a private consultation with the doctor inside of our facility at The Four Seasons. Your own personal care coordinator will walk you through your visit step by step, and you’ll never have to step foot inside of a waiting room.

With proper oral hygiene and a balanced diet, you can help to decrease your risk of developing tooth decay. Let The MIAMI Institute help you take control of your oral health again, erasing all signs of cavities, worn teeth, and aesthetic irregularities that make you feel self-conscious about your smile. The doctor is Miami’s only board-certified prosthodontic specialist, and delivers the highest quality of restorative and rehabilitative oral care services in the area.

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