Dental Crowns in Miami

Our porcelain dental crowns make it possible to provide advanced smile makeover procedures and smile rehabilitation for broken and damaged teeth. Unlike other types of cosmetic dental services, a porcelain crown covers your entire natural tooth up to the gumlines – completely changing the way it looks, feels, and functions inside of your mouth. A crown serves a dual purpose, in that it can return both health as well as confidence to your smile.  

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Each and every crown is handcrafted to resemble the size, shape, and color that is most beneficial to your individual smile. The design process is quite complex, which is why the doctor supervises the procedure from start to finish.  

Dental Crowns Before and After


About Dental Crown Treatments

Crown treatments at The MIAMI Institute to reflect the most natural form, function, and appearance.

Many dentists provide “porcelain” crowns that still include a metal base. Porcelain fused to metal crowns can create serious aesthetic concerns. Not only can the porcelain flake off of the base, leaving exposed metal, but a dark grey line will be visible along your gums as soon as the crown is placed.  

At The MIAMI Institute we use only full porcelain crowns that are completely free of metal – providing you with a durable yet beautiful alternative to everyday cosmetic crowns.  

Candidates for Dental Crowns

We may recommend crowns alone, or in combination with other treatments like veneers or dental implants depending on your specific smile needs. Some of the reasons why we may recommend a crown include concerns such as:

  • Teeth that are badly worn, chipped, or broken
  • Moderate to significant aesthetic concerns
  • Following root canal therapy
  • To cover dying, discolored teeth
  • To restore ultimate function and aesthetics to your smile
  • For individual tooth replacement over dental implants
  • Creating teeth that look straighter and fuller

The doctor will meet with you personally, to determine whether or not our porcelain crowns will be appropriate for your smile needs. When you visit The MIAMI Institute, you skip the waiting room and walk right into your very own, private consultation suite. We even have our own private elevator and entrance at The Four Seasons Hotel! Your privacy and comfort is an essential part of our services.  

As soon as you arrive, you will be greeted by our patient coordinator, and then joined by the doctor to discuss your goals, concerns, and oral health. We will walk you step-by-step through every option available, and make appropriate recommendations regarding the best reconstructive choice for your smile. It may be necessary to discuss additional options, such as veneers or dental implants as part of your smile makeover.  

Your Tooth Crown Treatment

After your initial consultation, we will arrange to have you return for the initial preparation appointment. During this visit we will prep the teeth that are receiving crowns, and then take an impression of your bite. This allows us to create personalized crowns that fit your bite to the doctor’s precise requirements.  

Next, the doctor will place a cosmetic temporary crown over your tooth. This will protect your tooth from unnecessary sensitivity, as well as preserve smile aesthetics until your permanent crown is ready. Under strict guidance by the doctor, your new permanent crown will be handcrafted in our state of the art laboratory, down to the precise texture, shade, color and shape.

Your new tooth crown will look:

  • Straighter
  • Whiter
  • Fuller
  • Healthy

Once completed, we will have you return to The MIAMI Institute for the doctor to gently remove the temporary crown and bond the permanent one into place. Then the fit and function of the crown will be carefully assessed, so that the tooth falls into perfect alignment and occlusion (bite) with the teeth surrounding it.  

Crowns as Part of Your Smile Makeover

Like other types of aesthetic dental treatments, crowns can transform the way your entire smile looks. But, they also serve a very important role – restoring the function and durability of badly damaged or decayed teeth.  

When teeth are badly compromised, smaller, cosmetic dental fillings are not appropriate. Unlike a restoration that “fills” the damaged portion of a tooth, a crown surrounds the entire tooth so that the structural integrity is preserved. This allows the doctor to assist you in retaining your natural teeth, yet completely change the way they look!

Dental Implant Crowns

If you are having a missing tooth replaced with a permanent dental implant, then the doctor will create a custom, porcelain crown to place on top of the implant abutment. This creates the appearance of a brand new, independent tooth. Just like your natural teeth, an implant crown can withstand normal daily use and is extremely easy to maintain.

Is a Dental Crown Right for You?

If you’ve struggled with feeling embarrassed about your smile, or have teeth that are continually chipping, breaking, or wearing away – then our comprehensive porcelain crowns are an excellent answer.  

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Experience The MIAMI Institute Difference

We invite you to call The MIAMI Institute today to schedule your own, private consultation with the doctor. We’ll discuss how dental crowns can help you transform your smile into one you feel proud of – or offer additional options if a crown is not appropriate. You will get the answers that you deserve, on a personal level that you expect.

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