Teeth Bonding in Miami

At The MIAMI Institute, the doctor uses teeth bonding as a treatment option for minor imperfections like small chips or cracks, uneven front teeth or extra-sharp canines which are keeping your smile from attaining its full potential. Highest quality resin material can be colored to perfectly match your teeth, then precisely applied to make the correction. In just one visit, bonding can be the one thing that turns your smile from so-so to super!

Schedule a consultation to begin exploring the benefits the MIAMI Institute offers for your smile, including teeth (dental) bonding, the non-invasive means of altering just small, visible portions of your smile.

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What Is Teeth Bonding Used For

Dental bonding is ideally performed for your front teeth to erase minor to moderate aesthetic concerns.

The cosmetic flaws that bonding can help repair include:

  • Small fractures
  • Chips
  • Cavities
  • Rough areas
  • Discolorations
  • Sharp edges and points
  • Exposed root surfaces

Dental bonding is ideal for teeth that do not require extensive work. Bonding preserves the majority of a tooth’s structure because little, if any, preparation is needed. A simple resin-based compound is blended to match your natural teeth and is artfully smoothed and cured into place over the tooth.

Teeth Bonding Procedure

Our very own doctor has extensive experience in performing teeth bonding procedures. The doctor is well-versed in the science of enhancing smiles to any degree. He knows exactly what you will need to enhance your smile thanks to a little dental bonding!

How Teeth Are Bonded

As mentioned earlier, the doctor will prepare a simple resin putty to match the color and translucency of your teeth. Hardly any enamel preparation is needed for this procedure. You will likely not even need any local anesthetic. Your tooth or teeth will be roughened and conditioned with a special liquid. After the putty is placed on the tooth, the doctor will carefully craft it to adhere to the tooth and fill in the imperfections. Then, the material is hardened into place with a bright light. After it cures, the material is then polished to match the texture of your tooth and blend in with your smile. You will have a new-looking tooth in what is usually less than an hour! One visit is all it takes to complete the entire procedure.

Planning for Dental Bonding

Your initial consultation at the MIAMI Institute is going to be the most important part of your experience with us. The visit will allow you to get acquainted with the doctor. He will also be able to explain to you in full detail the nature of any procedure you decide on. When you first arrive at the MIAMI Institute through the private entrance to our suite, you will be escorted to a personal and comfortable consultation suite. No waiting rooms here!

The doctor will let discuss with you the three most important elements in enhancing your smile:

  1. The color of your teeth
  2. The shape of your teeth
  3. The alignment of your teeth

Next, he will share with you the options that will best address the needs of your teeth. In the event that bonding is not sufficient for restoring your smile to its very best, the doctor will also explain some of the other procedures that will serve your needs the best. All of this will be discussed with you during your private consultation before you decide on your personalized treatment plan.

Important Questions about Teeth Bonding

You may have a few questions about the procedure of dental bonding, and rightly so. Your concerns may include questions such as:

  • Am I a candidate for dental bonding?
  • How long will my teeth bonding last?
  • How should I care for my bonded teeth?
  • Is the procedure uncomfortable?

We are happy to answer any questions that you may have concerning the impact of bonding on your smile. Your initial consultation with the doctor allows us to focus on your personal goals and specific needs of your individual teeth.

Teeth Bonding Summary

For teeth that are chipped or need a cavity filled, bonding is often the best solution. Compared to traditional filling material, the resin will not expand and contract with heat fluctuations in your mouth, one of the causes of cracked and loose fillings. The bonding resin can also be used to fill in slight gaps between teeth or cover the surface of a tooth to change its color and shape. A chipped and flared front tooth can be reshaped and fit seamlessly within the rest of your smile.

Dental Bonding as Part of a Smile Makeover

Why give dental bonding a try? Bonding is a non-invasive way to gently and subtly enhance your smile by changing just small features that displease you. You can design your own smile makeover by combining a teeth bonding procedure with a teeth lightening package. This way, you can enjoy a brighter and more even smile in a short amount of time.

Perhaps you are curious to try out a procedure such as veneers. Dental bonding is a great way to take a small step and see how your smile changes as a result. If you like it, you may be eager to address even more areas of concern, down the road.

Begin your journey to a more confident you, by brightening your smile with some teeth bonding. It could be the best choice you ever make! Schedule a consultation to find out how dental bonding can make a world of difference in the way you see and care for your smile. Call the MIAMI Institute today to plan a visit with our teeth bonding expert.

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Teeth Bonding at The MIAMI Institute

We are happy to offer you an experience unlike any other at the MIAMI Institute where we are an AAAHC accredited practice, which is the highest medical accreditation available. We take your health care and comfort seriously and we want to see leave here with the smile you never before believed was possible. You have our full assurance that whether you choose teeth bonding or any other procedure, we will do our very best to get you the most beautiful results possible.

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