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Rhonda Fine, PhD, ARNP

Dr. Rhonda Fine believes the key to longevity is behavior. The decisions you make about what to do or what not to do play vital roles in how we age. Our behavior impacts personal, professional and intimate relationships, daily and long-term stress, our eating habits, sleep patterns, the list goes on and on. That’s where Dr. Rhonda Fine does her best work, providing strategies to help us regulate our behavior in life affirming ways.
Rhonda Fine, PhD, ARNP, MSN is a board certified clinical sexologist and a Diplomate of The American Academy of Clinical Sexologists where she is also a professor. The Academy is the only PhD program in Florida that certifies clinical sexologists. In addition, Dr. Fine is a medically trained and licensed Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner. This specialized combination of training allows Dr. Fine the ability to prescribe medications and laboratory tests. It also gives Dr. Fine a unique holistic and integrated perspective.
Dr Fine has been involved in the health care field since 1979 and practices psychotherapy and psychopharmacology as it relates to both the biological and psychological aspects of human sexuality. Dr. Fine is experienced in the treatment of depression, anxiety disorders, issues of co-dependency, marital relationship conflicts, pre-marital counseling, divorce and separation transition, post traumatic stress syndrome, anger control, addictions, the psychological aspects of weight loss and weight maintenance, stress management and life style modification.
Dr Fine is a trained EMDR clinician, a therapy used worldwide for post-traumatic stress disorder. In addition, she is a HeartMath provider, a therapeutic technology that teaches patients how to use the power of the heart to manage the mind and emotions. Dr Fine provides comprehensive individually tailored treatments that include the basic principles of health and emotional balance.
Dr. Fine is an international speaker and is frequently interviewed for print, TV and radio, especially when the topics include frank discussions about sex and strategies to change behaviors for a better, healthier and longer life.
She offers her out of town patients sessions via SKYPE.

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