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Juan J. Remos, MD, MBA

Juan Remos M.D., M.B.A. provides an array of wellness treatments and works with clients to design a comprehensive wellness program tailored to their unique needs and goals. His wellness plans are also designed to treat the mind, body and spirit, not just an isolated part of the patient.

“You can never be younger than you are today, but you can definitely look and feel much younger. You can have a life that is free of disease and pain, brimming with energy, and filled with physical, mental and spiritual well being.”

The wellness team at The MIAMI Institute is an advanced medical treatment provider, committed to implementing the latest breakthroughs in wellness and anti-aging medicine. Dr. Juan J. Remos, utilizes a holistic approach to treat discerning patients who seek to improve their quality of life.

As a specialist in hormones, Dr. Remos works closely with both male and female patients who suffer from the symptoms most closely identified with hormone imbalance. It is important the we identify how to correct and balance the hormones responsible for the symptoms of many wellness issues. A comprehensive approach, including bio-identical hormones, diet, nutritional supplements and an exercise plan, are what make the difference for the patients of Dr. Remos.

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