Inside the Institute

Step inside 10,000 square feet of medical excellence; a space dedicated to your comfort and safety that is energized with a private art collection, the finest finishes, and attended by a medical team and professional staff that knows no limits to exquisite patient care.

This contemporary space uses a mix of textures and color, reflective and matte surfaces, organic shapes and industrial chic to create a vibe that is uniquely ours, but captures the vibrant, modern, blended spirit of Miami itself. Your journey through any treatment or procedure will be based in proven practices and sound medicine. Our entire staff, from doctors and surgeons to medical assistants and coordinators, are at your service, making appointments, talking through procedures and options, and recommending complementary treatments or products, all to help you achieve your goals. Here you are treated as a whole person, and when your wants and needs cross over to another medical discipline, you have immediate access to that team and your medical chart follows you seamlessly between disciplines.

Located inside the Four Seasons Hotel and Tower in Miami’s fashionable Brickell District, you are at home, surrounded by the luxury accommodations and amenities of this premier resort property and have immediate access to everything Miami has to offer. Restful recovery begins right upstairs, an elevator ride away from elite medical expertise and easy access for follow-up appointments and post-operative therapies to aid in your recovery.

Welcome to a new era of medical aesthetics; a patient-centered, results-oriented, whole-person approach to being your most beautiful self and living an age-defying life.

VIP Concierge

Your journey starts here - the front entrance on the Sky Lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel and Tower in downtown Miami.

Light, color and texture create an elegant and modern atmosphere.

Enjoy privacy and comfort in a consultation suite.

Every corridor is alive with art; original art from our private collection, one-of-a-kind installations, and the play of tones and textures.

Two fully accredited surgical suites allow for convenient patient scheduling.

Our post-op recovery area is fully equipped and professionally staffed for your complete comfort and safety.

Infuse your body with essential nutrients as you relax in complete comfort. IV Nutrition is the new healthy.

Always at your finger-tips, medical-grade skin care products are available for instant purchase or can be shipped to you.

Four Seasons Hotel and Tower stands tall in the beautiful Miami skyline.

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