Male Breast Reduction in Miami

Male breast reduction at the MIAMI Institute is the ideal procedure for a man who feels his chest is not looking toned and defined. The medical condition is called gynecomastia, or enlarged breasts in men or boys. While it’s generally not a serious health problem, gynecomastia can be tough to cope with, no matter what your age.

Breast reduction surgery removes the excess tissue through liposuction or mastectomy and subtly sculpts the chest into a balanced and pleasing form. The MIAMI Institute also offers energy-based, non-invasive options like UltraShape or VelaShape III. Your actual procedure will be determined during a consultation with your surgeon and take into account your age, relative state of health, your lifestyle habits and other factors.

Male breast enlargement can affect one or both breasts and the cause of this condition will guide decisions about the right course of treatment. In some cases, the breast area is enlarged due to weight gain or has excess skin due to significant weight loss. True gynecomastia involves enlargement of both the glands and breast tissue. This condition can impact men of all ages and can be the result of hormone changes, heredity or the use of certain prescription medications and steroids.

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Recovery includes reduced activity for a few days and taking care of incisions. In most cases swelling and bruising are minimal and normal activities can be resumed in a matter of days.

Results in male breast reduction procedures are generally permanent*, given adequate changes in lifestyle to support a healthy body weight and overall wellness.

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