Hair Transplant & Restoration for Men

NeoGraft FUE Hair Restoration is the new age of hair transplant. This revolutionary system avoids large, visible incisions and instead provides for nearly imperceptible scarring, minimal downtime and a speedy recovery. NeoGraft hair transplant is not your ordinary hair restoration procedure. It is the least invasive procedure of its kind with no sutures, no scalpel incisions, and no linear scars. This means that your downtime will be minimal. Most patients are wise to take the day after the procedure to rest and relax.

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In addition, using the NeoGraft FUE hair restoration procedure, larger areas can be transplanted in a single session, reducing the need for subsequent procedures and getting you more quickly to the coverage you desire. NeoGraft technology uses pneumatic pressure to extract individual follicles, protecting the delicate transplants yielding a better total result. Strip surgery and other methods require more manual manipulation of the follicles which can damage them, impacting the final result.

Thinning eyebrows aging your appearance? NeoGraft FUE is the perfect solution to restore thickness and fullness for a very masculine and more youthful look. Every follicle is precisely transplanted to ensure natural growth patterns for amazing results.

Be sure to click on the videos below. Hear patient’s first-hand experience with NeoGraft FUE hair restoration and eyebrow transplant.

Hair Transplant for Men Video

Consider taking your new look to another level with our hair restoration treatment.

NeoGraft Hair Transplant Before and After Photos

About NeoGraft Hair Transplants & Restoration

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