Male Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty for men, also called a tummy tuck, is an increasingly popular procedure, particularly for men who have lost a significant amount of weight and now have loose skin and stubborn fatty deposits keeping them from achieving the body contours they desire. In most cases, the abdominal wall of muscles benefits from surgical tightening as well. The overall final effect is a restoration of the mid-section to a trimmer state with strengthened underlying tissues and a strategically placed incision where excess skin was removed.

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The surest way to a textbook “six pack” is achieving and maintaining low body fat percentage. But this combination of healthy diet and consistent exercise will not tighten loose skin and may not be enough to achieve the body shape you seek. Incisions are hidden along the belt line and any diet-resistant fat is removed with liposuction sculpting the torso into pleasing proportion.

The abdominoplasty procedure takes 1-3 hours and requires a period of recovery. This is not an alternative to weight loss and subsequent weight management. It does, however, return a more youthful body contour and with it a heightened sense of well-being and confidence.

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