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Medicine has evolved past curing diseases. Today,
it's all about quality of life and ensuring overall good health and happiness.

In The Spotlight

Non-invasive test used by Dr. Remos for the detection of many cancer types when disease is developing or is present.
Cancer detection testing using genetic analysis.

Miami Procedures

Aging is inevitable. It is the one common bond we all share, yet it takes us each down a different path. The MIAMI Institute for Age Management and Intervention believes that you can successfully manage your own path with access to the best in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. By assembling medical specialties that address all aspects of the aging process under one roof, the patient experience is unparalleled and the ability to fully realize the natural healing power of the human body is exemplary. Located in the Four Seasons Hotel and Tower in Miami's fashionable Brickell District, five star-service is the standard of care in a modern and luxurious, fully accredited facility. It may not be the actual fountain of youth, but there's no other place on earth that can effectively address, using proven medicine and board certified physicians, every aspect of aging - inside and out.

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