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Food tolerance testing at The MIAMI Institute is a great way to augment your weight loss program and achieve more substantial results that are permanent. Excess weight can be attributed to various sensitivities to everyday food products, so removing these products from your diet will result in better results and a healthier, happier you. A comprehensive blood test comprising 154 of the most common types of foods, additives, colorings and chemicals determines how your body responds to what you eat and the environment around you.

The MIAMI Institute has partnered with Immuno Labs, the number one leader in food tolerance testing. This ensures that your results are accurate and received in a timely manner. In addition to your results, you’ll receive helpful materials to help you eliminate harmful food products, find various food substitutions, and access around the clock online support from their trained professionals.

If you’d like to augment your weight loss program or bolster your healthful eating habits, food tolerance testing is a great place to start. Use the click to call button or live chat to set your appointment or ask a few questions to help get you started.

Medical Team


Adonis Maiquez, MD

Director of Wellness & Regenerative Medicine
Wellness & Anti-Aging Physician
Dr. Adonis Maiquez is an anti-aging physician specializing in bio-identical hormones to treat and alleviate symptoms associated with menopause and andropause. His goal is to bring your body back into healthful harmony and balance, restoring an elevated level of wellness that reduces inflammation and other stressors associated with accelerated aging.