There’s something to be said for knowing where you stand. You’re better prepared to handle changing situations. If you’re on thin ice, you don’t go out too far, right?  The same holds true for baseline medical tests. You might know your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, but do you know your overall state of nutrition? We didn’t think so.  Just like thin ice, guessing is dangerous. Take these tests and know not only where you stand but how to get on solid, healthy ground.

NutrEval – nutritional assessment of five key areas:

+ antioxidants

+ B vitamins

+ digestive support

+ essential fatty acids

+ minerals

Nutritional imbalances affect your health. It’s not just about what you eat but what you’re not eating. This test – a simple urine test – can show the imbalances so your doctor can treat your symptoms effectively. For instance, amino acids are essential to healthy bone and muscle but also impact nerve function, metabolism and digestion. When certain amino acids are too high or too low, you might experience mood changes. Now you and your doctor can decide if you really need prescription meds or a better diet or supplements.

Biophysical 250 – biomarker analysis

Biomarkers are proteins, chemicals and other substances found in the bloodstream that reveal the current state of your health. You’re quite familiar with many of them, like cholesterol, estrogen and glucose. The problem is that many of these biomarkers are only tested in relation to certain body functions. If the results don’t indicate a problem, that doesn’t always mean there isn’t one. Biophysical 250 measures biomarkers that are used across the full spectrum of medicine, offering a broader diagnostic tool. Now an indication of trouble here or imbalance there can be assessed with the whole body in mind instead of a narrow focus on something specific. It’s an excellent baseline health assessment that provides a platform for you and your doctor to structure a complete wellness plan for our specific state of health and where you want it to be.

Executive Physical – comprehensive health assessment for today’s high-performing, high-stress individual.  Life is good on the top, but to stay there, you have to stay at the top of your game. The key factor here is stress and how your body is taking it. The executive physical uses the latest testing protocols to evaluate your risk of heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes and inflammation. So this isn’t a single test, but a series of tests that provide a comprehensive look at how you’re doing, how stress is doing and where some wellness medicine intervention is necessary to stop oxidative stress, boost anti-oxidant function and even help you get the sleep you need to maintain vitality and optimal health. But you already live the “more is better” concept, so this is nothing new.

The bottom line on testing: once imbalances are identified, corrective action can be taken that might help you avoid chronic illness and lasting damage to your body. The goal is a happy, healthy life. The way to get there could be as easy as a sneak peek inside and little wellness medicine to fuel the ride.